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About us

The above photo can be found on the wall at Morano's in the family table area. It was taken circa 1967 in a village called Culleredo which is on the outskirts of La Coruña. The photo is of Luis's family including his parents. Luis's can clearly be seen crying in the picture!
Luis Ponte - Founder and CEO
My parents emigrated from La Coruña in 1965. As such, my childhood summer holidays were spent with all my cousins back in La Coruña which is a port city in the North Western region of Galicia in Spain. It was during these trips that I have my first memories of eating Churros con Chocolate.

The taste was like nothing you could get back in England even when Dad tried to make homemade Churros! The thickness of the Chocolate was also divine and so delicious. Back in the early 1970's, there were many things that we enjoyed during our summer Spanish trips that we missed when we got back to England. Things that will now be familiar to most people such as Chorizo, Jamon and Olives to name but a few.
However, whilst most of these foods are now readily available in supermarkets and delicatessens, Churros and Chocolate, in their true Galician form as I know them from my childhood, have never made it across to England... until now.

It is the true delicious taste of these Galician Churros and Chocolate that Morano's bring to the British high street. Using specialist imported Churro machines, our Churros and Chocolate are made with the same ingredients used in Spain. We aim to make Churros and Chocolate as loved as they are in Galicia and thus enable me to share some of my great childhood memories with you.
Chris Fox - Founder and Operations Director
I started my career in the food industry with Pizza Express and progressed very quickly to head chef. I was then involved in numerous restaurant openings around the Midlands and the East of England before being promoted to Area Chef trainer. As well as being responsible for food standards and costs in over 15 restaurants I also helped with new concepts and special Pizza Express projects and events.

I have now spent nearly 20 years in the food and restaurant trade assisting companies and start-ups achieve their goals, alongside running and owning my own restaurant. My restaurant, Prego in Buckingham, continues to grow and allows me to keep up to date with industry changes and indulge in my love of food and great service. I’m very excited to be involved in Morano’s and bringing the delicious taste of authentic Churros to the UK.
How we met
So how did we join in this venture? Well it was through our mutual love of food and good hospitality. When I moved to Buckingham in 2009 with my wife and 3 young children, we visited various restaurants in the area as we really enjoy eating out. Various issues, usually bad or slow service meant that we kept finding ourselves going back to Prego where we always enjoyed fantastic service and great food. I started to get to know Chris and quiz him on how he managed to train his staff to deliver such a good service on a consistent basis. It soon became apparent to both of us that we shared the same values in wanting to offer a great all-round experience to customers.

So when I needed some operational help in achieving my Morano’s dream, it was an absolute no brainer to ask Chris to join me on this journey. It has been enormous fun working together and being driven by values other than money. We both hope you really enjoy the fruits of our labours and help us improve your experience by giving us your feedback via the Contact us link.

All of our machinery is imported from the leading Spanish supplier for Churros machines.
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